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Major Requirements

Course Requirements

  • 24-32 credit hours of 200/300 level courses in Arabic Language
  • 20-28 credit hours of Allied Courses from at least three different departments

Students who begin their study of Arabic at DePaul with ARB 202 or higher may substitute a 300-level Arabic elective course for any of the required 200-level courses.

MOL 340 , MOL 341, and MOL 342 are specifically designed to help Arabic Studies students better understand the Arabic-speaking world.  Students are highly recommended to take at least two of the three MOL Arabic-related courses that we offer.

Arabic Studies Allied Course List


Art and Architecture, History of



International Studies

Islamic World Studies

Modern Languages


Political Science

Religious Studies


Women's and Gender Studies

Open Electives 

Open elective credit also is required to meet the minimum graduation requirement of 192 hours.​

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