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Commercial German Concentration

Students choosing the Commercial German concentration are interested in complementing their advanced intercultural language study with a foundation in international business skills. The bridge courses in the concentration (GER 320 and MGT 300) integrate students’ knowledge across disciplines, and the two additional electives in the concentration (chosen from the list of MGT courses below) allow them to further explore their area of interest in MGT. 
After declaring the German major with the Commercial concentration, students should meet with the German Program Director, who will work together with advisors in the College of Business to ensure that students are maximizing opportunities to double count their chosen concentration courses (when possible) in order to efficiently achieve their postgraduate career goals.

Course requirements (8 quarter hours)

Note: MGT 300 is a prerequisite for MGT 302, MGT 354, MGT 355, MGT 360, MGT 361, MGT 373.

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