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PAX Majors, Double-Majors, and many Minors will do a PAX Internship. There are several internship options available:

  • Enroll in PAX 392 / CSS 395 - a scheduled course offered each quarter, with 100 hours of work at a Chicago site.

  • Organize an independent internship. Find an organization related to peace, social justice, or conflict resolution that you want to work with (possibly consulting with the Steans Center). Develop with the organization a schedule of 100 hours of meaningful work. Submit a description of your internship to the PAX Director and have the organization do likewise. Include a list of relevant readings and submit this with your description. You will register for the course through the College's online Independent Study Form for PAX 390 in a quarter that is convenient, but not necessarily when you are doing the hours at the organization. For course requirements, check the course syllabus.

  • Arrange an internship through an established program which offers internships accompanied by academic credit (domestic or international) and placement in an organization appropriate to the goals of the PAX program. The internship needs approval in consultation with the PAX Curriculum Committee. Examples:

    • International Institute of Education: study abroad toolkit including a study abroad directory and information about scholarship and fellowship opportunities abroad

    • Higher Education Consortium for Urban Affairs: semester, summer, and January programs in US and abroad - environment, urban justice etc.

    • CIS Abroad: semester and summer programs in US and abroad - gender studies, social welfare, sustainable development, culture studies, etc.

    • ProWorld Volunteers: impact volunteer projects, internships, and study abroad opportunities - community development, women's empowerment, environment and conservation, etc.

    • International Center for Development Studies Costa Rica: service-learning and internship opportunities in Costa Rica

Additionally, the Steans Center offers several funding opportunities for independent internships such as the Community Partners Internship and the McCormick Community Internship . Visit the Steans Center Website for additional internship and service opportunities.