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Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies (Minor)

The Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies minor is designed to help students engage in critical examination of the origins and root causes of violence, social injustice and conflict; and to foster dialogue about the efficacy of nonviolent approaches to social change and peace-building. Students may develop a specific concentration of study within the minor curriculum. 

Course Requirements​


There is a total of 24 credit hours required for the minor. 

Students majoring in Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies (BA) are restricted from earning this minor.


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Junior Year Experiential Learning

The following courses may be taken as a second Junior Year Experiential Learning course, an alternative to the PAX internship for someone doing the PAX minor:

PAX 392 Internship in Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies
ART 291 Mural Painting (selected sections)
CSS 201 Perspectives on Community Service
CSS 300 Introduction to Non-Profit Management
CSS 395 Community Internship
CTH 282 God, Justice, and Redemptive Action
CTH 341 Liberation Theology: Theory and Practice
ENG 378 Literature and Social Engagement 
ENV 344 Environmental Justice and Advocacy (selected sections)
HON 351 Honors Senior Seminar in Service Learning
INT 389 International Social Engagement
LST 303 Border Matters: Literature & Culture in the Latino/a Borderlands
LST 305 Latino Communities and Social Engagement
LST 309 Social Engagement and Latino Families 
PHL 250 Philosophy and Social Change 
PPS 331 Environmental Justice
PSC 282 Political Action and Social Justice
PSY 305 Psychology and Social Justice 
PSY 359 Field Work in Community Research and Action
REL 259 Religion and Social Engagement
REL 351 Liberation Theology
SOC 390 Seminar in Sociology (selected sections)
WGS 352 Gender, Community, and Activism: Community-based Learning
WRD 377 Writing and Social Engagement