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Academic Advising

PPS Major Advising

If you have declared Public Policy Studies as your major, please email the chair of Public Policy Studies, William Sampson for an appointment and indicate whether you are interested in urban or environmental studies. Professor Sampson can help you choose a faculty advisor that fits your academic and career goals in public policy. Also, please pick up an orientation packet at the PPS Office, which is located at 990 West Fullerton Avenue, Room 106, Chicago, Illinois 60614. Office hours are Mondays through Thursdays 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

PPS Minor Advising

There are two focus areas for the minor: Environmental Studies or Urban Studies.

  • If you choose the Urban Studies track, you would need to take PPS 201.
    Professor Demissie teaches this course in Winter.
  • If you choose the Environmental Studies track, you would need to take PPS 202.
    Professor Tzoumis teaches this course in Spring.

The other required course you need for the PPS minor is PPS 206, which is only offered in Winter quarter. After these courses are completed, you may take four PPS courses of your choice at the 300 level. At this moment, no substitutions with PPS 200-level courses can be made.

If you have declared Public Policy Studies as your minor, William Sampson is your advisor. Please fill out the Minor Contract Form and email Professor Sampson for a formal advising appointment for the minor.

Can I change advisors?

Yes. You can choose any full-time PPS faculty member to be your advisor. If you'd like to change your advisor, simply send an email to Include your DePaul ID and the faculty member you'd like to have as your advisor.

Advising Tools

Degree Progress Report

The Degree Progress Report (DPR) shows you the degree requirements you have completed and those you have yet to fulfill. For more information about the DPR visit DePaul Central.

Unofficial Transcript
The unofficial transcript is a record of the courses you have completed and other credits you've earned. You can access your unofficial transcript through Campus Connect.

PPS Student Advising Tips

  1. Understand the degree requirements of the PPS major, including Liberal Studies
  2. Know the university's advising policy and schedule your advising appointment early
  3. Obtain an updated credit evaluation form from the LAS Office (2352 N. Clifton Avenue, Suite 130). This may take up to three weeks. 
    You should also check in with PPS Office (990 West Fullerton Avenue, Room 106) to put your credit evaluation on file and pick up your black folder to bring to the advising meeting
  4. Review the credit evaluation form and your unofficial transcript before your appointment
  5. Be aware of drop/add deadlines and additional university requirements
  6. Know what courses are being offered in the upcoming term(s) 
    PPS courses are listed online and in the annual schedule provided for each student at orientation
  7. Read course descriptions to be aware of any prerequisites
  8. Prepare a list of questions for you and your advisor to discuss
  9. Explore university resources 
  10. Be prompt for your appointment