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Resources on Displacement

Below you can find links to websites which track and analyze forced displacement all over the world.

Displacement Tracking Matrix - DTM:
This site keeps updated statistics on countries with particularly large populations of forced migrants within their borders.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees - UNHCR:
This is the website of the leading international government organization tasked specifically with aiding and resettling refugees and forced migrants around the world. You can find mission details, news stories, as well as bi-annual statistics on global levels of forced migration.

Harvard University's Advanced Training Program on Humanitarian Action - ATHA:
This branch of Harvard's Humanitarian Initiative seeks to build operational capacity, facilitate learning across organizations in the humanitarian sector, and to mobilize change through a community of practice. The site maintains a blog and other analytical resources.

Refugee Research Network - RRN:
The RRN seeks to generate and mobilize knowledge among scholars, practitioners and policy makers to benefit people who have been forcibly displaced.​ Papers and articles relating to forced migration are posted here on a regular basis. Additionally, the community boards provide to opportunity to discuss issues on forced migration with scholars around the world.