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Scholarships and Other Opportunities

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​DePaul’s Department of Women’s and Gender Studies offers students a number of opportunities--from scholarships and paid internships to publishing student work to involvement in the WGS Honor Society. Each of these honors students’ scholarly and community work in the field of WGS and supports their leadership development.  ​


The Women’s and Gender Studies Endowed Scholarship 

The Women’s and Gender Studies Endowed Scholarship provides recognition and financial assistance in the amount of $2,850 to one undergraduate WGS major and one WGS graduate MA student.  A call for applications comes out every Fall Quarter, and the award goes to student tuition. This scholarship was made possible by anonymous donor who wants to support the amazing students in Women and Gender Studies.

2023-2024 WGS Endowed Scholarship Winners:

Kayla Hodge (BA)
Angelina McAdory (MA)
Honorable​ Mention: Bella Netti (BA)

2022-2023 WGS Endowed Scholarship Winners:

Isabella Salinas (BA) 

Rumi Rivera-​Lovato (MA) 

​​​The Ballenger Memorial Scholarship 

The Ballenger Memorial Scholarship Fund was established on 2001 with a legacy from the last Dally Ballenger, who taught in and chaired the Department of Nursing at DePaul University. SHe was one of the founders of the Women's Studies Program and remained active in and committed to Women's Studies until her retirement from the University.

A call for applications​ comes out every Winter Quarter and the award goes to student tuition. Two Scholarships are awarded each year.

2022-2023 Ballenger Scholarship Recipients:
Angelina McAdory (BA/MA Student)
Edie Wortzman (BA Student)

2021-2022 Ballenger Scholarship Recipients:
Shameem Razack (MA Student)
Annabelle Negron (BA Student)

​Paid Internship

​​Take Back the Halls: Paid Internship

Take Back the Halls is a teen dating violence prevention and community activism program designed to empower teens to become community leaders and active participants in the movement to end violence. Interns work closely with middle-and/or high school students in Chicago Public Schools. In the process, they build their facilitation, communication and collaboration  skills and they learn how to use activism in a classroom. Student interns work over the course of the academic year. They are paid hourly wages, they earn Junior Year Experiential learning credit, and they take the course WGS 387: Teen Violence Prevention in the Winter Quarter. It’s a great experience that lends itself to future work and study. 

​​​​Publishing Student Scholarship

Creating Knowledge Journal

​​WGS Majors and Minors are encouraged to submit their work for publication in the Creating Knowledge journal​​. This is a journal that showcases the best undergraduate student work produced in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. It is published annually and is produced in both hard copy and digital versions. Each year, the WGS Department chooses the best work submitted for publication. 

2022-2023 ​
Angelina McAdory, “Embodying the Revolution: The Intersection of Dance and Feminist Theory” 

2021-2022 ​
Clarissa Worcester, “Able-bodiedness as a Threatened Collective Body” 

Maya Parekh, “The Medical Dismissal of AFAB Bodies: How Popular Medical Discourse and Practices​​ Undermine Autonomy for People Assigned Female at Birth” (AFAB:  Assigned  Female at Birth) 

​​​Membership in the WGS Honor Society

​​​Triota (Iota Iota Iota)​

Triota is the Women’s and Gender Studies Honor Society. The purpose of Triota is to build community, engage in professional development, and initiate and offer educational events. Triota welcomes applications from students who are majors or minors in WGS, who have a 3.0 grade point and have taken at least 3 WGS courses​​