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Beth Catlett

Courses Taught

  • WGS 303 Women & Violence
  • WGS 306/406 Gender & Families
  • WGS 387 Teen Violence Prevention
  • WGS 391 Methods & Scholarship in Women's & Gender Studies
  • WGS 395 Advanced Senior Seminar 
  • ISP 102 Chicago Families & Urban Life
  • ISP 200 Diversity in American Families
  • SOC 105 Social Problems
  • SOC 209 Sociology of Women
  • SOC 306 Sociology of the Family

Areas of Interest

  • Community Development
  • Community Based Action
  • Diversity in Families
  • Violence in Intimate Relationships
  • Qualitative Research Methodologies
  • The Social Construction of Masculinities
  • Youth Leadership

Major Publications

  • "Men's Gendered Constructions of Intimate Partner Violence as Predictors of Court-Mandated Batterer Treatment Drop Out" (in press)
  • "Participatory Action Research and the University Classroom" 2007
  • "Critiquing the Case for Marriage Promotion: How the Promarriage Movement Misrepresents Domestic Violence Research" 2004
  • "Class-based Masculinities: Fatherhood, Divorce, and Hegemonic Ideals", with P.C. McKenry. "Fathering", 2004
  • "On the Rink and Off the Ice: Male Athlete Violence and Aggression in Hockey and Interpersonal Relationships", with N. Pappas and P.C. McKenry. "Men and Masculinities", 2004
  • "Male-initiated Partner Abuse During Marital Separation Prior to Divorce", with M. Toews and P.C. McKenry. "Violence and Victims", 2003
  • "Origin and consequences of physical and verbal abuse against women in the context of separation and divorce", with P.C. McKenry, et al. "New Directions in Mental Health", 2001
  • "Dilemmas of Feminist Methodology: Interview Narratives on Women and Divorce", "Family Science Review, Volume 10: 1997"
  • "Implications of Feminist Scholarship for the Study of Women's Post-Divorce Economic Disadvantage", with P.C. McKenry. "Family Relations Volume 45: 1996"

On-going Research Projects

Dr. Catlett is the Director of the Beck Research Initiative for Women, Gender, and Community.

  • Take Back the Halls: Ending Violence in Relationships and Schools
  • Voices of a Movement: Collecting and Archiving an Oral History of the Illinois Coalition Against Domestic Violence
  • DePaul University and Teen Girls of Color: A Collaboration to Re-Vision East Rogers Park
  • Domestic Violence Program Evaluation: Circuit Court Social Service Department