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Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Women’s and Gender Studies at DePaul University offers an undergraduate major and minor as well as a combined bachelor’s + master’s degree program, which can be completed in as few as five years. The WGS curriculum provides students with a strong educational foundation for lifelong learning through both traditional and nontraditional means; it informs students about historical and contemporary social justice issues and concerns; and it provides individuals with the critical thinking skills needed to examine cultural circumstances that generally remain unquestioned.

A wide range of courses offer an examination of peoples identities and experiences in relation to gender, race, age, ability, nation, and culture. Courses explore issues of power and resistance, and often connect feminist theories and research to public policy and social justice. There is also an emphasize research and writing, providing students with a skill set that can be applied to a variety of professional careers as well as to further graduate education.

As a Women’s and Gender Studies major, you will take courses such as:

  • Women and Film
  • Women in the Middle East
  • Feminist Theories
  • Black Women’s Experiences
  • Queer Theory
  • Introduction to Transgender Studies
  • Gender and Education
  • Deconstructing the Diva
  • Sexual Justice: Lesbians, Gays, and the Law
  • Gender, Community, & Activism: Community-Based Learning in WGS
  • Growing Up Female in the U.S.
  • Creating Change: Contemporary GLBT Politics
  • Growing up Latino/Latina in the United States
  • Gender Violence and Resistance
  • Mothering, Work, and Reproductive Justice
  • Antiracist Feminisms
  • Transformative Justice

Listings of WGS core and elective courses are distributed quarterly prior to class registration.

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