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Graduate Programs

​​​The MA Program in the Department of Women's and Gender Studies offers a cutting edge curriculum that focuses on the interconnectedness of local, global, and transnational feminist theories, methodologies, research, public policies, and social movements. In all aspects of the program, there is an emphasis on scholarly, creative, and action-based scholarship that explores interlocking systems of oppression and privilege--gender, race, sexuality, class, nation--to address issues of power, resistance, and social transformation.

The priority deadline for applications to the MA Program and Graduate Assistantships is February 15.

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If you are excited about a program that connects feminist theories to activism and social justice, that attends to interlocking systems of oppression and privilege, and that engages local and global communities through research, advocacy, and service, then DePaul University's Master of Arts in Women's and Gender Studies is for you.

Distinguishing Features

We work diligently to meet the needs and aspirations of our students by offering a unique educational experience that combines rigorous academic scholarship with opportunities for leadership development through community and campus engagement. A few of our signature program opportunities include:

Call for Applications for Graduate Assistantships

We offer two to four WGS Graduate Assistantships each year in innovative campus and community-based projects; graduate assistants typically complete up to 20 hours of weekly service to the department in exchange for a tuition waiver and stipend. We also assist graduate students in seeking other employment and assistantship opportunities across the university.

Graduate Teaching Internship Program

This unpaid internship offers students the opportunity to enroll in an Independent Study (Teaching Internship), and work with a WGS faculty member as a Teaching Assistant for one of our undergraduate courses. For additional information, please see our Guidelines for Teaching Internships.

Community Service and Internship Program

We offer an internship program that places undergraduate and graduate students in organizations across the city for research, service, and/or advocacy work.

Four Capstone Options: We offer four options for the Final Capstone Project consonant with each students personal, intellectual, and/or professional interests and goals--an MA Thesis, a Creative Project, a Practical Project, or a Portfolio Project.  For more information, please see the WGS Graduat​e Handbook.​

Alums from our WGS MA program have followed a number of trajectories some have gone on to PhD programs, a good number are leaders in local and national nonprofit advocacy or service organizations, some are elementary, high school, and community college teachers, and some have developed their own independent career paths as artists, writers, healers, musicians, and activists. Please see our Alumni Resources page for more information about our alumni and ways to connect to our broader alumni community.

For more information on the WGS MA Program, please contact Laila Farah, WGS Graduate Program Director.

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WGS Graduate Program News

Applications for MA Program and Graduate Assistantships: Priority Deadline February 15th.

We also offer a 3-year MSW / MA Program in Women’s and Gender Studies: See more information on the Admission and Applicatio​n Process