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Women's and Gender Studies (BA)

The Women’s and Gender Studies degree program focuses on examining women’s and men’s identities and experiences in relation to gender, race, class and culture. Its curriculum addresses issues of power and resistance and connects feminist theories and research to public policy and social justice.

Classes focus on feminist and social justice theory with an emphasis on agency, social responsibility, advocacy and activism. You’ll develop strong writing and critical thinking skills and learn to make connections between theory and real-world practice.



  • Women and Politics
  • Women in the Middle East
  • Deconstructing the Diva
  • Growing Up Female in the U.S.
  • Gender Violence and Resistance
  • Female Identities: Young Adult Literature


  • Gender and Human Development
  • Gender, Culture and the Arts
  • Individualized concentration
  • International Perspectives
  • Perspectives on Race and Class
  • Social Justice and Public Policy
  • Theoretical Perspectives

Career Options

Common Career Areas

  • Public policy
  • Social services
  • Law
  • Advocacy work
  • Journalism
  • Human rights
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of Women's and Gender Studies graduates were employed, continuing their education or not seeking employment after graduation.

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