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Degree Requirements

Course Requirements 

Students complete 12 courses (48 credits) to graduate from the MA in WRD program. Program requirements vary based on whether or not the student declares a concentration.

Required Course (4 credits)

Rhetoric and Discourse Courses (12 credits)

Optional Concentrations (16 Credits)

Professional & Digital Writing

Teaching Writing & Language

Electives (8-32 credits)

  • Students who declare a concentration take four elective courses (16 credits); students who do not declare a concentration take eight elective courses (32 credits).
  • All 500-level WRD courses count for elective credit.
  • Students who have completed six MA in WRD courses may take up to two courses outside of the MA in WRD for elective credit; the WRD Graduate Committee must approve any course a student wishes to take outside of the department. 

Portfolio Requirement

All students will keep a portfolio of significant work done for courses. This work will be curated and submitted as a portfolio at both the midpoint of the program and at its culminating point.

Mid-Program Portfolio

After completing the sixth course but before taking the ninth course, all students must submit a portfolio to their advisor and meet with this advisor to discuss both the portfolio and their future plans in the program. The Mid-Program Portfolio must be submitted, discussed with a student’s advisor, and approved before the student can register for their ninth course in the program. 

Professional Portfolio

I n the final quarter of coursework, all students must submit a Professional Portfolio and reflective synopsis. The portfolio will be evaluated by the WRD Graduate Committee as “Pass” or “Fail.” A Professional Portfolio that does not initially earn a score of “Pass” must be revised until it does so.


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