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Submission Guidelines

For questions on submissions and themes, inquiries about interviews, or other matters of content, please contact Editor:
Dr. Bill Johnson González |  ​

To maintain anonymity in the review process, please put names, affiliations, telephone numbers, fax, e-mail address, and preferred mailing address on the Title Page. Citations to an author's own works should be made in a way that does not compromise anonymity.
Include author's institutional affiliation, preferred mailing address, telephone numbers, and e-mail address. Include an Author's Biography of 125 words or less.
Cover Letter for all submissions must include:
Author name and affiliation
Email address and phone number
Author’s biography (125 word maximum)
Type of Submission indication
Submission Title
Statement attesting to originality of content
Statement indicating that submission has not been previously published, nor under consideration for publication elsewhere
Preferred mailing address
All submissions should be made electronically in MS Word (.doc or .docx) format, double-spaced, including quotations, endnotes, references, captions, and heading in 12 point Times New Roman font. One inch-margins should be used on all sides. Use consecutive page numbering. Do not justify margins nor turn on automatic work hyphenation. Single space after punctuation. Endnotes (NO footnotes), where applicable, at end of document. Works Cited, where applicable, at end of document in MLA or APA style.

Do not include:
Author name or affiliation in document, except on Cover Letter (for blind, peer review purposes) 
Headers and Footers
Justified margins
Automatic hyphenation
Line or page breaks
  • Scholarly Articles: Not to exceed 8,000 words including tables, endnotes and references. Include an Abstract of 100 words or less outlining essential points from article. Include 6-8 Key Terms. Note: This is not an Introduction, but rather an identification of the methodological/theoretical approach of the article.
  • Reflection Articles: Not to exceed 3,500 words including endnotes. Include an Abstract of 75 words or less outlining essential points from article. Note: This is not an Introduction, but rather an identification of the methodological/theoretical approach of the article.
  • Interviews: Include Short introduction. Full names of Interviewer and Interviewee, in bold, at onset of question and answer section; and thereafter, initials in bold. Interview not to exceed 4,000 words including endnotes.
  • Creative Works: No more than 6 poems or 2 fiction/testimonio pieces per submission.
  • Book Reviews: Not to exceed 1,200 words. Include in header: book title, author, publisher, publication year, number of pages, and ISBN. Include in footer: book reviewer's name and institutional affiliation.
  • Film Reviews: Not to exceed 1,200 words. Include in header: film title, directors, distribution studio, release year, and film length. Include in footer: film reviewer's name and institutional affiliation. 
All submissions are double-blind peer reviewed. Submit your work in English, Spanish, or Indigenous/Native languages (with translation into English or Spanish).
All submissions are welcome and published at the discretion of the editors.
We are interested in review of works reflecting new trends, both criticism and creative works, on Latin American and U.S. Latino topics that evaluate for scholarship and the teaching and learning process. We encourage submissions by scholars, graduate students, and community members.
Follow MLA or APA style. Endnotes should be at end of article, numbered consecutively throughout article in superscript numerals. Insert brief parenthetical acknowledgements in the manuscript wherever another's words, facts, or ideas are incorporated. A list of works cited, alphabetized according to authors' last names, should be appended at the end of the article.
All images, charts, graphs, and tables should be separate from the main article. Indicate approximate placement of each by using a clear break in the body of the article, inserting corresponding numbers as indicated on images. All images must be in JPEG (JPG) or TIFF format with a minimum resolution of 300dpi. Inclusion of illustrations is not guaranteed.
It is the author's responsibility to obtain permissions to reprint. Include a letter for permission for all borrowed illustrations, tables, figures, or other material. Original images (photography, slides, and artwork) will be kept for up to three months from date of publication, then returned to contributor.
Authors may provide a list of up to three individuals whom they feel woudl be appropriate reviewers. Include names, institutional affiliations, mailing and electronic addresses. The editors are not bound by these suggestions; however, they will respect requests for exclusion of specific reviewers.