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Mission Statement

The work of the Center for Religion, Culture, and Community focuses on one question: What are the requirements for building sustainable bridges among individuals and communities associated with different religious cultures?

To this end, the CRCC hosts multiple events, forums and celebrations of diverse religious cultures that reflect the multiple traditions that define the DePaul community. These events are designed to promote critical thinking about religion as a social, political, artistic, economic and spiritual phenomenon while examining the requirements of living together in a religiously pluralistic world. The center hosts panels of thinkers who engage conversations that include the intersection of religion and popular culture, meditation, conflict, peace building, art, gender and race.

  • The CRCC hosts a number of series on such topics as science and religion, meditation, Latino/a issues in religion, religion and art, ecological sustainability, peacemaking and inter-clergy relations.

  • For the last two years, the center has featured an ongoing dialogue among a religiously diverse group of practitioners of deep meditation, who share their insights and their practice with audience members.

  • The center also features screenings of films associated with one or more religious traditions followed by discussions led by different scholars of religion as well as citizen diplomats.

  • In addition, the CRCC hosts regular reports from the field, featuring panels of students, faculty, staff and visiting scholars who come to share their learnings from their experiences in a variety of settings from international conflict zones to local Chicago communities.

The CRCC also visits sacred spaces of different traditions and art exhibits associated with multiple religious cultures, as well as inviting musicians to come to campus and play music associated with a variety of religious traditions.

If any of these sorts of event interest you, we invite you to join us for any and all of our offerings for the 2014-15 academic year.