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About the Faculty Scholarship Collaborative

​​​The Faculty Scholarship Collaborative (FSC) was established within the College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences to centralize support for faculty and students engaged in research and creative activity at DePaul University. We promote cross-disciplinary, multi-methodology scholarship and serve as a university-wide meeting ground and intellectual focal point.

Purpose and Mission

The FSC enhances, facilitates, and supports faculty, staff, and student engagement in methodologically diverse, socially relevant research and creative activity by providing the physical space and human capital necessary to develop a robust infrastructure for scholarly and artistic work. We assist faculty scholars in all phases of research and creative activity development, from conceptualization and design to completion, documentation, and dissemination. In addition, the FSC specializes in helping scholars obtain internal and external funding for their work, implement funded research and artistic programs, and form mutually productive and rewarding collaborative enterprises.