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FSC Services & Resources

​​​The FSC promotes, enhances, facilitates, and supports faculty, staff, and student engagement in methodologically diverse, socially relevant research and creative activity by providing the physical space and human capital necessary to develop a robust infrastructure for designing scholarly projects, helping faculty scholars obtain internal and external funding for their work, implementing funded research programs, and forming mutually productive and rewarding relationships with community organizations and other universities. 

The following resources and services available to faculty scholars and their student assistants from the FSC. 

1. Technical

Technical assistance with obtaining external funding and carrying out research for all faculty, staff, and students, specifically:

  • Data collection, processing, conversion and analysis
  • Database development and storage
  • GIS mapping and visualization
  • Grant proposal review and editing
  • Manuscript editing
  • Technology
  • Web development and hosting

2. Trainings and Workshops

The FSC provides customized, capacity-building training, workshops and seminars in a variety of areas, including:

  • SPSS usage (basic and intermediate) for numeric data analysis
  • SAS usage (basic and intermediate) for numeric data analysis
  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS) (basic, intermediate, advanced)
  • NVivo for qualitative data analysis

3. Conference Room and Lab Space

FSC’s conference space may be reserved for workshops, meetings, brown bag sessions, other small group gatherings. The conference space includes table seating for 12 and is equipped with an HD TV.

Our Macro and Micro computer labs are available to conduct trainings, workshops, and informal sessions. The Macro Lab has 15 iMacs and 7 PCs and is equipped with specialty software, video cameras, audio recorders, flatbed scanner and LCD projector. The Micro Lab has 4 PCs and access to transcription software and specialty software.

4. Research

  • Specialty software (ArcGIS Pro, NVivo, SPSS, TExtrac​t, STATA)
  • Audio-visual data-gathering equipment (video and still cameras, audio recorders, etc.)
  • Remote access (to access FSC’s specialty software)