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Women's Center Staff

Dr. Ann Russo
Meet Dr. Ann Russo, Director (she/her) .

Ann Russo is the Director of the Women's Center and Professor in the Department of Women's and Gender Studies. Her scholarship, teaching, and organizing focus on queer, anti-racist, and feminist movement approaches to building alliances and coalitions for social change. Her most recent book, Feminist Accountability: Disrupting Violence and Transforming Power, explores transformative justice, prison abolition, and community accountability as practices that cultivate communal healing, intervention, accountability and transformation in response to systemic intimate, interpersonal and state violence. She is also the author of Communities Engaged in Resisting Violence (2007), Taking Back Our Lives: A Call to Action in the Feminist Movement (2002), and Third World Women and Feminist Perspectives (1990), and is also published in a number of books, journals, and feminist periodicals. View full bio here.


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Meet Aviv Goldman (they/she)

Aviv is a second year graduate student studying Women's and Gender Studies. They interested in topics such as abolition, transformative justice, interpersonal relationships, polyamory, and queerness. She keeps weekly check-in circles and bi-weekly support circles for survivors of sexual violence. Aviv is also one of the graduate assistants for the Building Communities Ending Violence project. Find Aviv in the center doing odd jobs and writing affirmations on the white board! 


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Meet Keish Lozano (they/them/all)

Keish is second year graduate student in Women's and Gender Studies. Their research interests include Latinx feminisms, abolition, transformative justice, disability justice, trasnational feminisms, oral histories, and narrative production.  They design flyers and are in charge of the general social media presence for the center, so you can find them in the center on their laptop, or e-mail them for virtual collaboration with your student group!


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Meet Anaa Mulk (she/her)

Anaa is an undergraduate senior majoring in Health Science and minoring in Women's and Gender Studies. Catch Anaa working alongside Reena on our weekly newsletter during the school year.


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Meet Shameem Razack (she/her)

Shameem is a second year graduate student in Women's and Gender Studies, and is also one of the graduate assistants for Building Communities Ending Violence. Her research focuses on black and transnational feminisms. Shameem is also one of the recipients of the Social Trasnformative Research Center fellowships for 2022, and her project will focus on the contributions of black Muslim women in the Black Freedom Movement. Catch her in the Women's Center helping out with odd jobs!


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Meet Grace Siegelman (she/her)

Grace is a second year graduate student in Women's and Gender Studies. She is interested in abolition, anti-war and divestment efforts, Palestinian liberation, Yemen liberation, queer studies, transformative justic, and trasnational feminisms. Find Grace helping out the center with our community and student organizing efforts, creating events, and helping us serve our student community.