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Women's Center Staff

Dr. Ann Russo

Meet Dr. Ann Russo, Director

My name is Ann Russo (she/her). I am an Associate Professor in Women’s and Gender Studies and a member of the LGBTQ Studies Program. My life work focuses on queer, antiracist, and feminist movement building to address endemic intimate, interpersonal, community, and state violence and to build socially just, caring, accountable communities. Currently, I am working with others to develop transformative justice practices that cultivate collective and communal healing, intervention, accountability, and transformation. I am the author of Taking Back Our Lives: A Call to Action in the Feminist Movement (2001) and co-editor of Talking Back and Acting Out (2002) and Third World Women and Feminist Perspectives (1990). I have articles in a variety of books and journals as well. My current book project is entitled Building Communities to End Violence – A Praxis of Accountability. View full bio here.

Victoria Agunod

Meet Victoria

My name is Victoria Agunod (they/them) and I'm a queer, mixed race Filipinx student and organizer. I'm currently finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Women’s and Gender Studies and tend to focus my work on critical race theory, queer theory, and movement work, with a personal philosophy grounded in transformative justice. I advocate for the self-determination of the Palestinians, the dismantling of police and prisons, and the deconstruction of borders. Arundhati Roy, Angela Davis, and Paulo Friere are my central theoretical influences. I've worked on campus as a queer student leader since my first year and also work off-campus with Thresholds, a mental health services organization that focuses its work in homeless communities.

Olivia LaFlamme

Meet Olivia

My name is Olivia LaFlamme (they/them)! I am a second year Women's and Gender Studies graduate student at DePaul. I identify strongly as a queer Black feminist and my work reflects that politic by primarily centering queer people of color. My current project explores expanded notions of time along with the various ways people react/research/reject ancestry or concepts of family.

When not working you can find me making films, doing any kind of crafty project, reading speculative fiction, watching some new show on Netflix, or hanging out with my partner.

Kiana Lewis

Meet Kiana

My name is Kiana Lewis (she/her). I am a senior in the Women’s and Gender Studies and Sociology program! I love learning about astrology, cooking for others and myself, listening to Sza for all moods, lighting candles, dancing, and yoga. I am a queer Black feminist and my work centers those whose voices have been historically silenced. My interests of study include Black feminism, Intersectionality, Queer Theory, and Critical Mixed Race Studies, and youth work.

Please come in the Women’s Center to chill, chat with us, or check out our resources!

Alexa Redick

Meet Alexa

My name is Alexa Redick (she/her/hers) and I am a second-year student in the Women’s and Gender Studies M.A. program. This is my second year as one of the graduate assistants to the Women’s Center, and I am also the graduate assistant for the Research Training Institute program here at DePaul.

I enjoy reading, wine tasting, cooking, running, spending time with my dog Charlie, and hanging out with my wonderful friends. My focuses within the WGS program, and my interests within feminist scholarship are intersectionality, antiracism, cultural studies, whiteness, indigenous feminism and Womanism. I look forward to a wonderful year!

Fabiola Rosiles

Meet Fabiola

My name is Fabiola Rosiles (she/her/hers) and I am a second-year graduate student in the Women’s and Gender Studies M.A. program. During my time in the program I have focused on analyzing systems/forms of oppression in academic spaces and the experiences of Latinas in the academy. Along with working in the Women’s Center, I am also a graduate assistant for Take Back the Halls which is a teen dating violence prevention and community activism program designed to prevent relationship violence among teens. During my free time I enjoy reading, cooking, crafting, and spending time with my family & friends!