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Advisory Board

The Center is advised by a Board composed of University faculty and staff who represent various schools, colleges, and programs. In keeping with the Center’s goals and the University’s mandate to encourage diversity, the Board represents a diverse group of women and perspectives. The Advisory Board assists the Center in making connections with members of the DePaul community and organizations throughout Chicago for the advancement of gender-related issues.

  • Dr. Beth Catlett

    Dr. Beth Catlett

  • Dr. Laila Farah

    Dr. Laila Farah

  • Dr. María Ferrera

    Dr. María Ferrera

  • Dr. Mary Jeanne Larrabee

    Dr. Mary Jeanne Larrabee

    • Peace, Social Justice and Conflict Studies Program
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  • Dr. Susana Martínez

    Dr. Susana Martínez

  • Dr. Kalyani Menon

    Dr. Kalyani Menon

  • Dr. Julie Moody-Freeman

    Dr. Julie Moody-Freeman

    • African and Black Diaspora Studies
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  • Dr. Sanjukta Mukherjee

    Dr. Sanjukta Mukherjee

  • Monica H. Ramos

    Monica H. Ramos

    • Egan Office for Urban Education and Community Partnerships
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  • Dr. Francesca Royster

    Dr. Francesca Royster

  • Dr. Quinetta D. Shelby

    Dr. Quinetta D. Shelby

    • College of Science and Health
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  • Dr. Lourdes Torres

    Dr. Lourdes Torres

    • Latin American and Latino Studies
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