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Stipends and Tuition Waivers

A number of the Liberal Arts and Social Sciences graduate programs offer students the opportunity to perform research and administrative duties in an assistantship format. Qualified students are eligible to receive stipends and waivers or just full or partial tuition waivers. For more information on what assistantship opportunities are available to you, contact your program director.


If you receive a stipend and have not worked on-campus before or have previously worked on campus, you will need to schedule an appointment with Graduate Student Services to initiate the hiring process.

In order to facilitate the process, it is important to bring the necessary hiring paperwork and documentation (as detailed on page three of the I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification Form ) with you to this appointment. You will be instructed to visit the Office of Student Employment immediately following your appointment in order to complete the I-9 form and other hiring documents. For more information regarding the student hiring process, please visit the Office of Student Employment.

Students receiving a graduate stipend are not required to submit their hours through a timesheet. Payment will be distributed according to the university's payroll calendar and within the pay period assigned on the Student Employment Action Form (SEAF).

Tuition Waivers

In addition to stipends, many of the graduate programs are able to award students with full or partial tuition waivers. If you are interested in tuition waivers, it is important to routinely inquire with your program office about availability, as they are often awarded on a quarterly basis.

If you receive a tuition waiver, you will register for classes as you normally would. The reduction in tuition is handled internally, and it is not necessary to complete hiring paperwork.

Waivers for students with financial aid (this includes all loans processed through the Financial Aid Office) are processed before the first disbursement date of the term as long as the student is registered for courses. If a student receiving aid drops a class after a tuition waiver has been applied and receives a refund due to the waiver, he/she is required to return those funds.

Waivers for students with no other financial aid will not be posted until after the drop date each term. There is no penalty for an outstanding balance owed during the add/drop period. A late fee will not be assessed, nor will a registration hold be administered during that time.

If you are the recipient of tuition a waiver and have questions regarding you student account, contact