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Graduate Student Symposium

The LAS Graduate Student Committee Presents:

The LAS Graduate Symposium

Disciplines in Dialogue: Where We’ve Been, Where We’re Going

Saturday, May 20, 2023
Student Center, Room 314AB, DePaul University
Sponsored by the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Submission Deadline is Friday, April 7, 2023

The College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences is excited to host its tradition of celebrating the scholarly and creative work of graduate students from LAS. The Graduate Symposium will be held May 20, 2023, on DePaul’s campus at Lincoln Park. The theme of the symposium is “disciplines in dialogue/ where we’ve been, where we’re going~sharing knowledge, practice, and policy across fields.” The aim of the conference is to offer opportunities to share ideas about theory, practice, policy, and debates that arise across our disciplines about some of the pressing issues of our time. By sharing our work through paper presentations, roundtable discussions, and innovative showcases, we will grapple with where we’ve been and imagine where we’re going, with consideration given to topics such as the pandemic, violence, democracy, misinformation, social media, cancel culture, racism, globalization, capitalism, health, immigration, environmental and social justice. The symposium is a friendly environment to share your work, and network with peers, faculty, staff and the DePaul community. All participants who present their work will receive a Certificate of Completion and recognition in the symposium program. The symposium is organized by the LAS Graduate Student Committee.

Invitation for Submission

The LAS Graduate Student Committee invites submissions which address theory, research, application, or creative interpretation from all disciplines that make up our college in the humanities and social sciences. We invite submissions of completed works from a course, independent study, research fellowship, final project (e.g., thesis proposal), practicum or internship. Works can be original data collection, secondary data analysis, creative work, literature review, a case study, policy analysis, short film, performance, or discussion of best practices on getting started with a final project or thesis. Linking to the theme of the symposium- disciplines in dialogue/ where we’ve been, where we’re going- Consider how your work addresses a pressing social issue, a current hot topic, social change, (in)equality, or social justice and consider how your field and discipline examines that issue.

Participants might consider topics related to the pandemic, violence, democracy, misinformation, social media, cancel culture, artificial intelligence, racism, globalization, capitalism, health, immigration, gentrification, environmental and social justice. All participants who share their work will receive a Certificate of Participation, recognition in the symposium program, and a chance to win small prizes. Participation offers an opportunity to deepen your skills, build your resume/CV and network.

Students whose submissions are accepted will present their work in one of the following formats:

  • As apaper/formal presentation (formal 10-12 minute presentation followed by Q&A)
  • As part of a roundtable discussion (5 minute discussion of work followed by small group discussion)
  • As a creative showcase (interactive display of work with short conversations, demonstration or practical application of work, e.g., a demonstration, poster presentation, a photography exhibit, creative work, performance, or best practice or innovation related to your field of study)

For detailed information on submission, please see Guidelines.

Ready to Submit?

The deadline for all the submissions is Friday, April 7, 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely, as long as you are both graduate students at DePaul.

For presentations we will ask that you upload your presentation, which will be accessible via a laptop at the conference. For showcases, a table will be provided to set up your poster or materials. For roundtable discussion, please provide any handouts or information to share; roundtables will not include technology equipment.

Yes, we will offer a workshop to orient all presenters to the format, guidelines, and expectations of the presentations. The workshop will be held for all accepted submissions 2-3 weeks prior to the symposium.

Yes, there will be food and beverages.

Absolutely, we would love to see your friends and family?

No, but you will receive a Certificate of Completion and you can add your accomplishment to your resume or CV.