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How to Earn Academic Credit for an Internship

Students can enroll in an academic internship course to earn academic and graduation-required Experiential Learning credit for their approved internship, job, and or research position. These may take the form of the dedicated internship course in an academic unit of the College, CLD 250 offered through the Career Center, or an independent study course. There are two main ways to make sure that you are able to earn credit while doing an internship.

Check with your faculty advisor

In departments or programs that include internship courses in their course catalog, enrollment in such a course alongside your internship, according to your program's guidelines, will allow you to earn credit for the internship. Check with your faculty advisor about how the credit will apply to your degree progress.

Apply for CLD 250: Navigating the Workplace

CLD 250 is a four-credit, fully online course that fulfills EL credit. Students can apply through Blue Demon Internships. (Note that work experience must run synchronous to your enrollment.)

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