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Staff Resources

This section of our site provides a detailed list of resources we think LAS staff should have easy access to. If you have any questions regarding any of our links or applications, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Don't want to keep track of where all the web applications are? Bookmark LAS One Site, a single place for LAS faculty to access all applications they have access to in one click.

LAS One Site

Need to access LAS Office of the Dean memos, policies, or business continuity plans? Bookmark LAS SharePoint Team Site to view documents.

LAS SharePoint Team Site

LAS One-Site - A single site that allows members of LAS to access all applications they have access to in one click.

DPR Update - Allows LAS faculty and advisors in the undergradaute office to submit update requests regarding LAS undergraduate student DPRs. (View Instructions)

Excellence in Teaching Award Nomination - Allows faculty, staff and students to nominate eligible faculty for an Excellence in Teaching Award and also allows nominees to submit the required documentation to support their nomination. (View Nomination Instructions)

LAS Central - Allows members of LAS to view current contact information for all faculty and staff, lists current chairs and department assistants, and lists current committee members. (View Instructions) (View Instructional Video)

LAS Facebook Page – Find out about LAS upcoming events and announcements.

Liberal Arts and Social Sciences Academic Council (LASAC) – Allows members of LASAC to access important LASAC-centric information.

LSP Course Proposal - Allows DePaul users university-wide to propose new courses for the First-Year Program and to request LSP credit for existing courses in their area.

Petition for Exception to Policy - Allows LAS students to request an exception to undergraduate academic policy.

Undergraduate Ad-Hoc Registration - Allows LAS students to request ad-hoc registration sessions online and for staff in the undergraduate office to facilitate these requests.

Web Scheduler – Allows for the submission of departmental schedules.