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HumanitiesX Welcomes Six Student Fellows

​We are excited to introduce the six DePaul students invited to join the HumanitiesX Collaborative as Student Fellows. Each fellow brings to the table different interdisciplinary perspectives and personal experiences as they address topics within the 2021-22 theme, Immigration and Migration. The students join our Faculty and Community Fellows, who, through three distinct new courses offered this spring, will demonstrate the importance of experiential humanities studies, the relevance of project-based learning, and the impact of community engagement. 

We introduce the Student Fellows, in their own words:

Sergio Godinez

Sergio Godinez

Program and level of study: B.A. American Studies & Political Science w/ a minor in Spanish

Most relevant classes: Historical Sources and Methods; Critical American Studies; Health Care and Social Justice; Women’s History in a Transnational Context; Latino Placement & Displacement

Fun fact: I spent a week in Guatemala working with God’s Child Project assisting students in underprivileged communities and shadowing social workers. 

Within this year’s theme I am most interested in the struggles of the citizenship process, the cultural integration that migrants experience, and the dynamic process of language and communication development within immigrant and migrant communities. 

Laura Pachón

Laura Pachon

Program and level of study: Pursuing M.S. in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies

Undergraduate degree: B.A. in International Relations with a minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Favorite courses: Forced Migration Seminar; Politics of Global Poverty; Refugee and Asylum Law and Policy; U.S. & Latin America in World Politics

Fun fact: I was born in Colombia and raised in Miami as a naturalized citizen. 

My interests within the topic of immigration are refugee and asylum rights and policy/law, forced migration by conflicted areas, climate refugees, education equity, and accessibility for displaced populations.

Yessica Pineda

Yessica Pineda 

Program and level of study: B.A in Political Science

Favorite courses: Honors Junior Multicultural Seminar: Cross/Border/Identity/Nation; Honors Senior Seminar: Immigration; Honors Political Science Seminar: Sanctuary; Immigration Law.

Fun fact: I love photography.

My interests within the topic of immigration include internal displacement and forced migration, migration from Latin America, and transnational labor.

Lauren Rosenfeld

Lauren Rosenfeld

Program and level of study: B.A. in History and B.S. in Computer Science

Most relevant classes: World Refugee Crisis; Crossing Borders: Identity and the Nation

Fun fact: I'm from Skokie, IL :) 

My interests as they relate to immigration include: the geopolitics of the border, forced migration, transnational labor, and surveillance. 

Emerson Sherbourne

Emerson Sherbourne

Program and level of study: M.S. in Refugee and Forced Migration Studies 

Undergraduate degree: B.A. in Humanitarian Studies and Spanish 

Favorite courses: Migration and Forced Migration; Anthropology of Political Violence; Transnational Feminism

Fun fact: I have a very energetic dog named Lemmon, who you can see in the picture with me! 

Within the field of immigration and migration, my main interests are in refugee and forced migration issues, climate-induced migration, and asylum law and policy as it affects refugees. 

Juliana Zanubi

Juliana Zanubi

Program and level of study: B.A. in International Studies

Favorite course: International Development and Regional Inequality

Fun fact: I was born and raised in Colombia, and I am a polyglot and a kitesurfer.

Within the subject of immigration I am most interested in what can be done for the immigrant population and how to recognize particularities and details ​that each immigrant group has or needs to feel in community and included in this new place. Because of my background, I am also particularly interested in immigration from South America and the Middle East.