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Major Requirements

The American Studies major requires thirteen courses, detailed below.
  • Three (3) core courses form the foundation of the program. Ideally, majors should complete these prior to the start of their senior year.​
    1. ​U.S. History requirement: AMS 200 AMERICAN SOCIAL HISTORY AND CULTURE(or another, preapproved U.S. History course from the list below);
    2. Foundational course requirement: AMS 201 CRITICAL AMERICAN STUDIES (generally offered Winter quarter);
    3. Method/theory course (from the second list below).
  • One (1) American Studies Capstone course
    • AMS 301 SENIOR SEMINAR:During the fall quarter of their senior year, students should take AMS 301 . Students will be sent instructions on how to prepare for the Senior Seminar by the Autumn Quarter instructor for the course. Students must earn a C- or better in this course. This course is waived for Honors students who are producing an Honors capstone thesis project and Double Majors when AMS is a student's secondary major AND the student completes a thesis project through a capstone course in their primary major; in these cases AMS 301 must be replaced with a 300-level AMS course. Students seeking these exceptions must discuss with the AMS Program Director in advance.​ 
  • Six (6) interdisciplinary courses are selected to flesh out one of five possible concentrations:
    • Popular Culture and Media Studies; Social and Literary Movements; Politics, Institutions and Values; Comparative Race and Ethnic Studies; or Material Culture and the Built Environment. At least two of the concentration courses must be at the 300-level.​
  • Three (3) elective courses are selected to complement one's work in American Studies.
    • In consultation with an advisor, students select three additional courses from outside the concentration.​ See list below to view courses that are pre-approved for work with this requirement.

Distribution Requirements

For the concentration and the electives, no more than three courses for the major should be from any one department outside of AMS. Also, from among the concentration courses and elective courses at least three courses should carry an AMS designator. At least two of the concentration courses should be at the 300-level.

 To fulfill the U.S. History core requirement, one of the following may be taken:​

     To fulfill the AMS method/theory core requirement, one of the following may be taken:​

      To fulfill the AMS Electives Requirement, three of the following may be taken (please note distribution requirements, above):