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Current Student Opportunities

​​Class of 2021 Art Showcase Prospectus: Submissions due 5/21/2021 in SlideRoom​​​


Call For Entry Seniors 4_28 Final Copy

Student Art on Campus: Residence Hall Collection 2020 Prospectus, Submissions due 4/8/2020 in SlideRoom


Art in the Residence Halls is a component of the Art on Campus initiative at DePaul University, and it is a partnership to showcase student artwork on campus between DePaul University's Department of Housing, Dining and Student Centers and The Art School in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences. This initiative is designed to build a connection for students with residential spaces and a variety of different types of student artworks, with a goal of adding more student art works to this collection each year.

Awards and Prizes

The student art works that are selected will be on display in a campus residence hall. Up to five student artworks will be selected and awarded a purchase prize of $500.00 each. The selected works will be professionally framed, installed, and included in the Department of Housing, Dining and Student Centers Student Art Collection, which they will then own. This spring 2020 collection will be the fifth installation of acquiring student artworks for the Student Art on Campus Residence Hall Collection. The Department of Housing, Dining and Student Centers sponsors this student event and will also host a reception for all students who submitted works in honor of the selected students (friends and family are welcome) in the spring, tentatively scheduled for May 21, 2020, 2:00-3:00PM (Save the Date).

Guidelines and Dates

Eligibility: Students who are declared Art, Media, and Design Majors and/or Minors, who have completed 92 credits or more at DePaul, and are currently enrolled at the time of their application are invited to submit works in the following areas: painting, printmaking, drawing, mixed media (including low relief sculpture), photography (film or digital), and digital art. Submitted works must have been created while at a student at DePaul and can be no larger that 48" in any direction, works must be able to hang on the wall with no special installation requirements (for example, works that rely on electrical or auditory components cannot be accommodated at this time).


SlideRoom Dates: Start date for submission is Monday, February 17, 2020 through Wednesday, April 8, 2020 at 11:59pm via .

All digital files must be under 5MB, an artist statement, dimensions (size) of the work (height x width), and media (materials used) is required at the time of submission to post, and one submission/entry only per person is allowed with up to two (2) different works via 2 different digital images. The jury panel will review only complete applications.


Submission will initially be reviewed digitally by a jury panel. Then, semifinalists will be invited to submit their actual works on-site, in AMD, for the final selection process. The jury panel will be comprised of the following: Director of Residential Education, Director of Housing, Dining and Student Centers, Associate Director of Housing, Dining and Student Centers, a representative of Residence Hall Council, and/or Representative of Student Government. Mary Ann Papanek-Miller (The Art School Professor and Chair) will facilitate this initiative, but she will not be a voting member on the jury panel.

  • Notification of Semi-Finalist Jury Results: Approximately 7-10 Semi-finalist student artworks will be selected for a final review; notifications will take place via email between April 13-15.
  • Semi-Finalists Submit Actual Work for Final Selection: Will take place between April 15-17 in room 202, the AMD Crit Space (1150 W. Fullerton, 202) 10am-4:30pm.
  • Finalists: Students whose actual works are selected will be notified by April 20-22 and the works will be retained for framing. Semi-finalist works that are not selected will need to pick-up their work by Friday-Thursday, April 23-24 between 10am-4:30pm- The Art School Office. Works not picked up by May 1 will unfortunately be discarded.
  • Opening Reception: All are invited-Tentatively scheduled for Thursday, May 21, 2020, 2:00-3:00PM.

Please email with any questions or for any assistance regarding the online submission process.