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Literary Studies

The Literary Studies concentration broadens and deepens students’ knowledge of literature and language through a range of courses focused on historical periods, literary movements, the structure of language, and critical approaches to literature. Students learn to read works of literature in their historical and cultural contexts; they develop their powers of textual analysis and their critical vocabulary; they examine and question the values expressed in literature; they practice research methods; and they work towards a written style that is clear, precise, and persuasive.

Course Requirements​

Completion of ENG 101 INTRODUCTION TO LITERATURE /HON 101 WORLD LITERATURE, ENG 205 LITERATURE TO 1700, ENG 206 LITERATURE FROM 1700 TO 1900, ENG 207 LITERATURE FROM 1900 TO THE PRESENT, and one course focused on Race, Ethnicity, and Sexuality (RES) required.

Advanced Literature Courses

Major Electives

  • Three English electives of any level.

Research Intensive Requirement

English majors must take at least one course in English designated as "Research Intensive."  These courses integrate research instruction and assignments with the subject matter of the course.  Qualifying concentration requirements or major electives are designated as "Research Intensive" or "RI" in the quarterly schedule.  


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