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Cassie Follett

Cassie Follett is the GIS Coordinator for Geography, helping to plan and expand GIS capabilities on campus and managing the new GIS Lab on campus. Before coming to DePaul she worked for NASA and the federal Environmental Protection Agency, and received her MA from West Virginia University while researching big data and open source web GIS. She holds a bachelors with double major in Geography and History from Carthage College. She is a volunteer with several open source GIS projects such as Cesium and QGIS, and is currently a “Hacker in Residence” with local Chicago startup Hologram, and a “Cyberacademy Fellow” with SANS. She is currently pursuing a second Masters in Science here at DePaul in Computer Science.

Her research interests are participatory GIS, GIS programming, critical GIS, environmental justice, and virtual reality.