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Alec Brownlow

Ph.D., Clark University
M.A., Clark University
M.E.S., Yale University
B.A., University of North Carolina, Wilmington

Professor Brownlow's interests and teaching span the urban-environmental interface. First,  his research explores how processes and struggles of social control shape urban environments and public spaces. He is especially interested in how urban environments are used and coopted to confer or deny rights of citizenship and access. His publications explore the dynamics and processes involved in urban environmental change in Philadelphia, and reveal how these changes are incorporated into grassroots social justice politics and the politics of gentrification. Second, Dr. Brownlow explores the role of ‘safety’ in urban renewal politics and policies. In particular, he is interested in the politics of safety’s production and representation and the consequent injustices and contradictions underpinning the ‘safe city’. His current research explores the concept of the 'sacrifice zone' in an attempt to expand its application and meaning to a variety of geographies and geo-political phenomena.

Courses Offered:
GEO 200 Sustainable Cities
GEO 205 Justice, Inequity & the Urban Environment
GEO 210 Environmental Conservation
GEO 260 Globalization & Resources
GEO 269 Political Ecology
GEO 300 Geographical Inquiry (Senior Capstone)

Selected Publications:
Brownlow, A. 2012. Co-opting restoration: women, voluntarism, and insurgent performance in Philadelphia, In: S. Dooling & G. Simon (eds.) Cities, Nature and Development: the Politics and Production of Urban Vulnerabilities. Sage, pp. 145-164.

Brownlow, A. 2011. Between rights and responsibilities: insurgent performance in an invisible landscape. Environment & Planning A 43:1268-1286.

Brownlow, A. 2009. Keeping up appearances: profiting from patriarchy in the nation’s 'safest city'.Urban Studies 48(6):1681-1702.

Brownlow, A. 2006. An archaeology of fear and environmental change in Philadelphia. Geoforum37:227-245.

Brownlow, A. 2006. Inherited fragmentations and narratives of environmental control in entrepreneurial Philadelphia, In: N. Heynen, M. Kaika, & E. Swyngedouw (eds.) In the Nature of Cities: Urban Political Ecology and the Politics of Urban Metabolism. Routledge, New York. Pp 208-225.

Brownlow, A. 2005. A geography of men’s fear. Geoforum 36:581-592.

Brownlow, A. 2000. A wolf in the garden: Ideology and change in the Adirondack landscape, In: C. Philo and C. Wilbert (eds.). Animal Spaces, Beastly Places. Routledge Press, New York. Pp. 141-158.