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Alex G. Papadopoulos

PhD, The University of Chicago

MA, The University of Chicago
BA, Franklin and Marshall College

An urban and political geographer, Professor Papadopoulos studies the contestation of urban space in Europe and the United States. His published work on urban morphology includes a significant monograph on the urban impacts of European integration in the restructuring of Brussels' downtown, a collection of articles on the urban impacts of market reform and political liberalization in Saint Petersburg, Russia, and more recently, works on the urban dynamics of Chicago’s LGBT communities.​

His work on the geopolitics of the Greek crisis can be found in the online journal "International Policy Digest" and in the Huffington Post.

Courses Offered:
GEO 201 Geopolitics
GEO 206 Boundaries & Identities
GEO 233 Comparative Urbanism
GEO 316 The European Union
GEO 331 Chicago: Global City
MLS 404 The City

Rev. William T. Cortelyou-Martin J Lowery Award for Excellence, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, DePaul University (2011).
Spirit of DePaul Award, DePaul University (2011-12).
Vincent DePaul Professor, Distinguished Service Society of Vincent de Paul Professors (2005).
Excellence in Teaching Award, College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, DePaul University (1996).

Selected Creative Works and Publications:
2013 Exhibition and catalogue: Vincet de Paul's Mediterranean: Europe and the Barbary Coast, 1580-1760. The Richardson Library, DePaul University.

“The Puzzle of the 2012 Greek Elections” (2012) International Policy Digest (web)

“Exploring Byzantine Cartographies: Ancient Science, Christian Cosmology, and Geopolitics in Imperial-Era Mapping” (2011), Essays in Medieval Studies, volume 27: 117-131.

Imperial Cartographies. Power, Strategy, and Scientific Discovery, exhibition, DePaul Art Museum (Jan-Mar 2007).

“From 'Towertown' to 'Boystown' and 'Girlstown': Chicago's Gay and Lesbian Geographies”, (2006) in: R.P. Greene, M.J. Bouman, and D. Grammenos (eds.) Chicago's Geographies: Metropolis for the 21st Century. Washington, DC: Association of American Geographers, pp. 232-241.

“On the Draft Treaty Establishing a Constitution for Europe” (2004) National Strategy Forum Review. Volume 13, Issue 4:26-9.

“Mapping ‘Romeic’ and ‘Hellenic’ Same-Sex Desire. Articulating Hetero-patriarchy and Male Homosexuality in Contemporary Greece” (2002), Antipode 34: 910-934.

“Brüssel—Hauptstadt der Eurokratie. Zukunftsvisionen füdie “Haupstadt” Europas als Weltstadt, In: Rita Schneider-Sliwa (ed.) Städte im Umbruch. Berlin: Dietrich Reimer Verlag GmbH, pp. 263-282.

“Restructuring the Kiosk Trade in St. Petersburg.  A New Retail Trade Model for the Post-Soviet Period” (1997), with K. Axenov and I. Brade, GeoJournal  (Autumn).

Monograph: Urban Regimes and Strategies: Building Europe's Central Executive District in Brussels (1996), The University of Chicago Press, Chicago.