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​The Certificate Program requires 20 hours of instruction. It provides sophisticated education in GIS, remote sensing and cartography and serves as a basis for entry-level employment in the geotechnology industry. There are five required courses to complete the certificate:

GEO 141, 242 and 344 must be taken in sequence. GEO 141 is a pre-requisite for GEO 391. GEO 243 can be taken at any time. Please contact the Department if you are considering pursuing the GIS Certificate, even if you are a declared geography major.

In order to earn a certificate in GIS,  a student must:

  • Earn at least a grade of C- in each Certificate course.
  • Earn at least a cumulative GPA of 2.0 for all courses applied to the Certificate.
  • Earn a letter grade. The pass / fail option may not be selected for courses in the Certificate.    
A student completing a GIS Certificate is eligible to simultaneously complete a Geography minor. No more than 3 GIS Certificate courses can be applied to a Geography minor. A student wishing to complete a GIS Certificate and a Geography minor will complete a minimum of 8 Geography courses. Please see a faculty advisor in the Department of Geography for further details.


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