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Questions About Graduation

How many credit hours do I need to graduate?

Students who matriculated in Autumn 1999 and afterwards need a minimum of 192 credit hours to graduate, the equivalent of 48 four-hour courses. In some cases – such as students who are double majors, who were late in declaring their major, or who have some transfer credit not applicable toward graduation -- you may need more courses than the minimum to graduate.

When can I apply for degree conferral?

Students can apply for graduation when they have completed 132 hours of credit (i.e., when they have reached senior standing). The deadline for degree conferral is generally about six months prior to the anticipated graduation date.

How do I find out which specific courses I still need to take in order to graduate?

You do this by checking your Degree Progress Report and course history via Campus Connection.  The online Degree Progress Report is NOT reliable for transfer students.  All students and especially transfer students should regularly check their Degree Progress Report to ensure it is up to date.  Degree Progress Report problems should be addressed to the student's advisor.

In addition to taking all the required courses, what do I have to do in order to graduate? How do I go about applying for graduation in my senior year?

Detailed information about conferral and commencement are displayed to the student when he/she applies for degree conferral through Campus Connection. The steps for degree conferral may be reviewed on the LAS Degree Conferral Site​.