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Museum Studies (Minor)

​Museum Studies is an interdisciplinary endeavor that addresses the theory, organization, and management of museums and museum collections. Museums themselves are complex organizations within which a diversity of knowledge specialists work together to acquire, conserve, research, communicate and exhibit tangible and intangible evidence of people and their environment. The Museum Studies minor crosses the disciplines of Anthropology, History, and the History of Art & Architecture. The purpose of the minor is to provide students from diverse majors with knowledge about the role and function of museums in our lives as global citizens.

Interest in museums is at an all-time high as students and faculty as concerned with: (a) the role of museums in global tourism, urban economic development, multiculturalism and the creation of identities; (b) the developing importance of museums as sites of both research and employment; and (c) the way in which museums act as intersections among a broad range of academic disciplines. Additionally, as museums become more complex organizations, individuals seeking to work with or in these environments are increasingly expected to have formalized training in Museum Studies with transcript recognition of this training. 

Course Requirements

Six courses are required -- at least two of which must be from the Core and three-four from Electives (i.e., two Core + four Electives OR three Core + three Electives), with no more than two Electives from any one department:




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