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Degree Requirements

Course Requirements

The Core

The Graduate Colloquia

All graduate students need to complete 12 courses (48 hours) of graduate work in order to complete the MA. HST 421 THE HISTORICAL DISCIPLINE is required for all students. For those students who were conditionally admitted, HST 421 is a prerequisite for all 400-level history courses.  In addition, students take eleven courses from the list of graduate colloquia.  These colloquia share the programmatic emphasis of the curriculum with their emphasis on the historiographical aspects of their respective topic.  Note that that every colloquium, when offered, has a subtitle which identifies the specific sub-topic to be addressed that particular quarter. (For example: HST 431 COLLOQUIUM IN AMERICAN HISTORY: The New Deal.)   As long as the topics (as reflected in the subtitle) of any colloquium are different, students may take more than one of any of the above courses.  In order to ensure that students realize the curricular goals of breadth of exposure to the historical discipline, however, in no case is a student to take more than four colloquia bearing the same number.  Thus, at the minimum, students will take courses in at least three different areas (as defined by colloquia titles).

With the permission of the Graduate Director, students may substitute up to eight quarter hours of Independent Study or Graduate Internship for two colloquia.

In addition, upon consultation with the Graduate Director and with his/her approval, students may count up to eight quarter hours from another DePaul graduate program toward their MA.  Such courses would reduce the number of required colloquia by two.

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