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Transfer Credit

Note: A transfer student is defined as someone having between 30 and 132 hours of transfer credit applied to their DePaul record.

What is the total number of credits that I can transfer to DePaul?

The maximum is 132 hours of transfer credit from a four-year institution or a two-year/four-year combination. Only 99 hours may be transferred from a two-year institution. Please note that all course work in the senior year, including the final 60.0 credit hours, must be completed at DePaul. This is the "Senior Residency Requirement." Students reach senior status when they have earned 132.0 quarter hours. Under rare and extenuating circumstances, the residency requirement may be waived using the LAS Exception to Policy request form.

What is the "Senior Residency Requirement"?

Please refer to the previous answer.

I am currently enrolled at DePaul. Can I still take courses at other institutions and have them apply toward the History major and/or Liberal Studies requirements as transfer credit?

Yes, with permission. Note that one-half of major and/or minor field courses must be taken at DePaul University. Transfer credit approval request forms, as well as other academic administrative  forms are available through the LAS administrative forms library.

How do I find out the DePaul course equivalent of a course that I might take (or have already taken) at another college or university?

You can often get this information from the DePaul Admission and Aid's Transfer Center.

Please remember, however, that there are limits to the number of courses that you can transfer, and all courses taken by DePaul students at other institutions must be approved for application toward DePaul degree requirements. See the other questions and answers about transfer credit in this FAQ.​

I am a transfer student and had some of my Liberal Studies courses waived, but the LAS office told me that I still had to take Liberal Studies learning domain electives. What courses can I take to satisfy this requirement?

Domain electives can be any approved Liberal Studies learning domain courses outside your major field, except those for which you have already received equivalent credit.

I am transferring to DePaul as a junior. What Liberal Studies courses do I have to take?

This varies widely from student to student.

Transfer allocation is done by the LAS College Office. They accept the Illinois Articulation Initiative General Education Core Curriculum (IAI GECC) as a general education core if a student successfully completes the IAI curriculum before transferring and this is indicated on the student's official transcript. In addition to the IAI “package,” however, these students must also complete the junior year experiential learning requirement and the fourth-year Senior Capstone seminar, as well as four domain electives chosen in consultation with a DePaul University academic advisor. Students who have not completed at least two Religion and two Philosophy courses must incorporate these courses into the four required domain electives.

Appeals of transfer credit allocation may be filed with the LAS College Office. Confer with your faculty advisor in the History Department about this.

Please note that students cannot earn credit for the same class through both transfer credit and a DePaul course. Thus, students should be careful NOT to enroll in any courses for which they have already been granted (or expect to receive) transfer credit.

Why are some courses in areas like sociology and art history that I took at another institution listed as “not applicable to degree,” while other classes in the same fields do satisfy Liberal Studies and elective requirements?

Courses are placed this way by the College Office according to guidelines set by the University Articulation Coordinator. These decisions are made in the College office, which has guidelines in place for substituting transfer credit on the student transcript. In these cases, the courses are not equivalent to DePaul courses. Sometimes, the college will request a syllabus of the course taken at another university to determine its eligibility for DePaul credit (particularly Liberal Studies credit). You may begin the appeal of a placement by emailing

What about AP credit in History?

DePaul University accepts AP credit according to the following schedule:

AP Credit

Test Area

Score Credit Courses Earned

European History



One from HST 171, 172, or 173



Two from HST 171, 172, or 173
World History



One from HST 111, 112, or 113



Two from HST 111, 112, or 113
U.S. History



One from HST 181, 182, or 183



Two from HST 181, 182, or 183

Note: 12 credits maximum for 2 or more AP History exams with scores of 4 or 5.

Please note that students cannot get credit for the same class through both a DePaul course and AP test scores. Thus, students should be careful NOT to enroll in courses for which they have already earned credit through AP tests.