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Minors, Double Majors and Combined Degrees

How do I complete a minor or a second major in another field?

Students wishing to obtain a minor or a second major in another program or department are required to meet the guidelines set by that program or department. Courses for a minor or second major can be drawn from a student's open electives, Liberal Studies requirements, or their primary major. Note that in some cases, a double major may require more credit hours to complete than the ordinary minimum number needed for graduation. A C- grade or better is required in all courses taken for any major or minor. Students may declare their minor or second major fields using the online declaration form.

Can I double major across colleges?

Yes, in many cases. For students who wish to double major in history and Education, please see the Secondary Education concentration requirements. See the LAS College Office OR e-mail ​ to request additional information and/or to set up an appointment to discuss cross-college double-majors.

As a double-major, do I have to complete senior capstone courses in both majors?

All history majors must take HST 390 to meet departmental major requirements, regardless of whether they also take a capstone course in another department.

As a history major, can I complete my B.A. and get certified to teach in Illinois public schools at the same time? Can I do this in four years?

Yes. Please see the information above on the Secondary Education concentration. If you are currently a junior or senior and think you might want to becom a history teacher, you might be interested in pursuing the 5 Year History BA/MEd, detailed here.