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Dear Prospective Graduate Student,

Welcome to the IDS website! The graduate program in Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) is a unique, highly flexible graduate program designed to meet the academic and professional goals of our students through individualized graduate courses. As a program in the graduate division of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences of DePaul University, we are committed to excellence, and to assisting all of our students to enhance their ability to succeed professionally.

The size and quality of our graduate program allows graduate experience in Interdisciplinary Studies Program to be flexible and thus to be tailored to the specific needs of individual students. We offer a wide-range of courses in the social sciences, humanities, education and business to provide maximum customization while maintaining high standards.

The benefit to you is a solid graduate program of study that goes beyond traditional academic and professional training programs based in single departments or schools. A graduate degree in Interdisciplinary Studies from DePaul indicates that you possess specialized knowledge not available in traditional graduate programs.

IDS is a rigorous graduate program, tailored to individual needs and multi-disciplinary studies. IDS attracts a wide variety of bright, talented students with its individualized but academically rigorous curriculum and its innovative and interdisciplinary approach to graduate studies.

Our students are full-time and part-time, and are drawn from all over the world seeking a customized program of graduate study. We believe that you know your desired academic and professional goals. We are committed to helping you achieve these goals.

In August 2002, IDS merged with a sister program, the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies. This partnership allows for even greater possibilities in interdisciplinary graduate studies for working adults. If you visit the MALS site, and see features of that program that appeal to you, by all means feel free to inquire about both programs at the same time. There may be features in both which will help you meet your educational and career goals.

I welcome you to take a closer look at our graduate program and discover what makes the Interdisciplinary Studies Program different from virtually every other graduate program.

Thank you for visiting and please come again!

David L. Gitomer, PhD
Associate Professor and Director