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Program Overview

Recognizing the need to educate talented men and women for a rapidly changing regional, national and indeed global environment, the Interdisciplinary Self-Designed Program is committed to preparing students for successful careers. The program recognizes the emerging changes in society, business and the work place and offers a course of study that is designed to meet students' academic and professional goals. The program gives students the opportunity to custom design a program of study tailored to their own particular needs and interests. Creating a flexible graduate program that is individually tailored requires maturity, focus, self-direction and commitment. Students seeking intellectual challenge as well high academic standards are ideal candidates to the program.

This program is a creative alternative to more rigid traditional, discipline-specific programs. Students can build their particular academic or professional interests and concentrate on specialized fields that are not available in traditional graduate programs. The program offers students individualized cross-disciplinary majors, incorporating courses drawn from social sciences, humanities and business.

The program offers four capstone options, two involving a 12-course, 48-credit hour program culminating in a thesis or thesis-like project, and two involving a 13-course, 52 credit hour program culminating in a final paper in the thirteenth course. Complete details may be found in the LAS Graduate Bulletin under the respective programs.

The program offers the following:

  • Individual, self-designed graduate program of study
  • Ability to combine various academic disciplines in chosen areas of study
  • Choice of courses in most colleges and schools

Qualified applicants are considered for admission to the program on the basis of a proposal of program of study, a Statement of Academic Purpose for the program of study and a List of Courses that make up the program. We offer the following master’s degree options within the Interdisciplinary Self-Designed program:

Interdisciplinary Studies (MA)
Interdisciplinary Studies (MS)
Liberal Studies (MA)​