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Program Documents for Current Students

Program Information, Program Documents, Forms, Resource Guide and the Library Exercise links can be found on the MALS/IDS Community D2L Site. Following is the list of available documents:

Program Information

  • Cross-listed Classes
  • Candidacy Continuation Information
  • Graduate Financial Assistance

Program Documents

  • Enhanced Portfolio Essay Capstone
  • Exit Course Capstone Guide
  • IDS Graduation Procedures
  • Independent Study Courses in MLS and IDS: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Internship Guidelines for MALS and IDS
  • MALS Learning Goals
  • Midpoint and Culminating Point Essay Guidelines
  • New MALS/IDS Program Requirements
  • Policies on Grades and Status in the MALS and IDS Programs
  • Portfolio Guidelines
  • Registration Categories for MALS and IDS Students
  • Step-by-step Thesis and Practicum Capstone Guide

Program Forms

  • Application for Thesis and Practicum Capstone
  • College of Communication Registration Request Form
  • Enhanced Portfolio Essay Capstone Application and Agreement
  • Exit Course Capstone Application and Agreement
  • Final Project Approval Form
  • Final Requirements Report
  • Independent Study form
  • Internship Agreement and Application
  • Kellstadt Registration Guidelines and Form
  • LOC Form
  • LOC Form Instructions
  • MALS/IDS Culminating Project: Completed Thesis Approval
  • MALS/IDS Culminating Project: Formal Proposal Approval Form
  • MALS/IDS Culminating Project: Thesis Committee Member Selection
  • MALS/IDS Partial Tuition Assistance Awards
  • Thesis and Dissertation Requirements

Resource Guide

  • Current Resource Guide