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Partial Tuition Assistance Award

​A limited number of partial tuition awards are available to students in the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program and the MA/MS in Interdisciplinary Studies Program. These are competitive awards based on economic need and academic achievement. The amount of the award will vary depending upon need and course load. Students may receive a maximum of one credit hour of tuition assistance per course in each of the three academic quarters, but may only apply for one quarter at a time. The award will be applied directly to the student account for the reduction of your tuition charges. A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required in order to apply for this award.

ISD Partial Tuition Award Application (Tuition Waiver PDF)

Application Procedure: Students may apply for a partial tuition assistance award beginning with the second quarter in the ISD Program. Submit the completed application two weeks before the close of the academic quarter prior to each quarter during the academic year in which you take courses. Your application must be accompanied by a printout of your "historical grades" in the ISD Program, in other words, the unofficial transcript that is available to you via Campus Connect.

Note: a separate application form must be submitted before each quarter in which tuition assistance is required.​