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Latina/o Studies

The Latina/o Studies concentration allows students to choose from an array of intellectually challenging, multidisciplinary courses that introduce cutting-edge scholarship on the Latina/o populations of the United States.  Our courses familiarize students with the nation's fast-growing, diverse, transnational Latina/o populations, including their histories, ongoing connections to Latin America, cultures, and social conditions.  Courses offer students the opportunity to focus on individual Latina/o communities in the country and to engage in comparative analysis of the various Latina/o communities.  Students can select courses that concentrate on current socioeconomic and political issues facing Latinos in the U.S., as well as others that capture Latina/o expression in literature, music, and the arts.  Some courses in this concentration involve students in collaborative projects with Chicago based Latina/o community organizations, civic programs, and other service learning opportunities.

Course Requirements

* Courses from other departments may count towards this concentration; consult your LALS advisor for more information.

Open Electives

Open elective credit also is required to meet the minimum graduation requirement of 192 hours.

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