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Latin American and Latino Studies (BA)

The Latin American and Latino Studies Program explores the cultural contributions of Latin Americans to the global community and highlights perspectives and traditions that have developed in the region.

Examine the multicultural relationship between peoples and cultures of Latin America, including indigenous, European, Semitic, Arab, Asian and African societies, and explore the profound linkage that has emerged between Latin America and the United States, particularly through the construction of Latino communities in the U.S.

Participate in one of DePaul's Study Abroad programs in Nogales, Mexico; Mérida, Mexico; El Salvador; Chile or Argentina.


Sample Courses:

  • Founding Myths and Cultural Conquests in Latin America
  • Struggle and Resistance in Latin America
  • Constructing Latino communities
  • Media and Cultural studies Across the Americas
  • Globalization in the Americas
  • Art of the Ancient Americas
  • Latino Religious Experience in the United States
  • Latino Communities in Chicago

Program Concentrations/Tracks:

  • Contemporary Transformations in the Americas
  • Cultural Studies of the Americas
  • Historical Processes and Interpretations of the Americas
  • Latina/o Studies

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