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Advanced Course (Junior Year)

​MSC 321: Fundamentals of Military Leadership and Training (2 Units)
Instruction and case studies, which build leadership competencies and military skills in preparation for further responsibilities as Army Officers. Specific instruction in the principles of war, decision-making processes, planning models, and risk assessment. Advanced leadership instruction focuses on motivational theory, the role and actions of leaders, and organizational communications.

MSC 322:  Organizational Leaders (2 units)
Specific instruction is given in individual leader development, planning and execution of small unit operations, individual and team development, and the Army as a career choice.

MSC 323:  Advanced Leadership (2 Units)
This course builds upon the previous lessons while introducing advanced leadership theories on motivation, leader modeling, and the role of a leader in an organization.

MSC 351, 352, 353:  Physical Readiness III (1 Unit)
Introduction to the principles of fitness: a fast-paced military-style interval training class that incorporates calisthenics and an emphasis on a healthy life style. Students will undergo an evaluation of their physical fitness level and its progression over the course of the quarter.​