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Advanced Course (Senior Year)

​MSC 341:  Coordinates Activities with Staffs (2 Units)
This module consists of four lessons designed to give the cadet an understanding and appreciation of the critical importance that staff organization, planning, and coordination play in the success or failure of military operations. The module uses historical case studies initially to illustrate these points then transitions to provide an overview of staff fundamentals and principles contained in field manual FM 101-5.

MSC 342: Ethical Imperatives for the Junior Officer (2 Units)
This six-lesson module on ethics builds upon previous instruction presented in the Basic Course and the MS III year. These lessons further strengthen character and values within the cadets, increase their understanding of the Army's consideration of others expectations, and improve their capacity to make correct decisions when presented with an ethical or moral dilemma. 

MSC 343:  Advanced Military Topics (2 Units) 
This course builds upon the previous MS IV lessons while introducing advanced leadership theories on motivation, leader modeling, and the role of a leader in an organization. It will also address the responsibility and process of a leader on how to assess and apply risk assessment within the organization.

MSC 353, 354, 355:  Physical Readiness IV (1 unit)
Introduction to the principles of fitness: a fast-paced military-style interval training class that incorporates calisthenics and an emphasis on a healthy life style. Students will undergo an evaluation of their physical fitness level and its progression over the course of the quarter.​