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Department of Political Science COVID-19 Resources

The PSC academic adviser can help students with: 

  • Degree progress and graduation requirements
  • Questions about transfer or Study Abroad course credit
  • University, college, and departmental policies and procedures
  • Questions about courses, academic majors and minors, university services, etc. 

Students can schedule appointments via the OneDePaul system in Campus Connect. Or, they can send questions to

Career Center: 

With the start of the 2020-2021 academic year underway, the Career Center has been developing resources, programs, and services to support our students remotely, including virtual advising services, an online Career Library, short videos on YouTube, and a new page of COVID-19 Career Resources.

5 Tips for Job Search During the Pandemic

What the Career Center Can Do For You (Education, Nonprofit, & Government version)

What the Career Center Can Do for You (General/shortened version)

Other student resources: 

Getting started with D2L

Moving your lectures and discussions online 

There are a number of ways to move your lectures and discussions online. The two resources below address low-bandwidth alternatives to videoconferencing tools, such as discussion boards and collaborative document editors. 

Recording and sharing videos

There are multiple ways to record video lectures, demonstrations, quick updates, etc. that students can watch on their own.

Facilitating threaded class discussions in D2L

Threaded class discussions allow students to address you and one another asynchronously. 

Using VoiceThread

VoiceThread is a media-rich tool that allows you and your students to create interactive presentations and have asynchronous discussions using audio and video, among other things.

Facilitating real-time sessions via Zoom

Zoom is a videoconferencing application that supports real-time interaction, screen sharing, and more.

Giving quizzes, assignments and grades

Learn how to create quizzes, collect assignments and give students feedback in D2L.

University Updates 

For more University updates regarding COVID-19, visit​

Here is a description of online modalities available to PSC students:

Online: Async
If you have taken an online class at DePaul in previous years you may already be familiar with this first modality. These classes do not meet at a specific time on specific days. An Online Async class is designed in D2L, where you find content, assignments, schedules, and structured opportunities for you to interact with your classmates, asynchronously.

Online: Sync
These classes take place at a specific time on a specific day, with the instructor and all the students meeting online using a synchronous meeting tool like Zoom. Before selecting this option, please carefully consider your ability to actively participate in video and audio with a reliable internet connection.

Online: Hybrid
These classes are a combination of asynchronous and synchronous online work. An online hybrid class is designed in D2L, where you find content, assignments, and schedules. In addition, the class meets synchronously on-line, on specified dates at the assigned time,  using a synchronous meeting tool like Zoom. Though the class has assigned time(s) and day(s) of the week, it typically meets synchronously only some of the time. The class notes on the Enrollment Information tab of the Class Information screen may contain further details on the required/planned meetings.

For more information about online modalities visit​