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Political Science

Political Science
Political Science

The field of political science is concerned with the organization and behavior of the people, groups, and institutions which make up government and the larger political system. The political world touches our lives in many ways each day. Our personal and collective well-being depends on achieving a basic understanding of the actions, policies, and crises that face us at home and abroad. Political science can be the key to meeting these challenges.

Political Science BA
American Politics Minor International Politics Minor Public Law/Political Thought Minor

This program of study is designed to provide students with an understanding of the political forces that shape our lives.  Political science incorporates historical, psychological, sociological, economic, and philosophical dimensions.  The political science program at DePaul seeks to help students become well-rounded, socially-responsible, and engaged citizens who are prepared to think critically about the problems and challenges of the 21st century.  The curriculum provides students with a versatile set of skills which can be applied in a wide range of career sectors, such as, government, law, business, non-profit organizations, campaign management, journalism, education, and others.​