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Combined Degree Program

Political science students may select from a wide array of university-wide bachelor's /master's combined degree programs. These programs allow qualified students to start graduate study in their senior year and count three courses toward both degrees.

Please refer to a program’s graduate admission guidelines for eligibility and admission criteria. Combined degree options in the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences include:

  • Critical Ethnic Studies, MA
  • International Public Service, MS
  • International Studies, MA
  • Nonprofit Management, MNM
  • Public Administration, MPA
  • Public Health, MPH
  • Public Policy, MPP
  • Sociology, MA
  • Sustainable Urban Development, MA
  • Writing, Rhetoric, and Discourse, MA

Political Science (BA) + Secondary Education Social Science (MEd)


The TEACH Program combines a Liberal Arts and Social Sciences (LAS) undergraduate Social Science major (Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History, Political Science, or Sociology) or a Science and Health (Psychology) major with a graduate level College of Education (COE) master’s in Education Program. Students graduate with a BA or BS in their disciplinary major and a MEd in Education with State of Illinois Secondary Social Science licensure.

Students may apply to the TEACH Program during the spring of their junior year. They must enroll in the Junior Year Experiential Learning course, TCH 320, and meet other application criteria; these include completion of at least 16 quarter credit hours at DePaul and a 3.0 GPA. During their senior year, students are required to complete a TEACH Program capstone course, TCH 390, and three 400-level courses that count toward both their undergraduate and graduate degrees:

Junior Year Coursework: 4 undergraduate quarter hours required

Course Title Quarter Hours
TCH 320EXPLORING TEACHING IN THE URBAN HIGH SCHOOL (fulfills the Liberal Studies Program experiential learning (EL) requirement)4

Senior Year Coursework: 4 quarter hours required

Course Title Quarter Hours
TCH 390CAPSTONE: INTEGRATING EDUCATION & DISCIPLINARY FOUNDATIONS (fulfills undergraduate Capstone requirement; major area may require a separate Capstone course)4

Undergraduate/Graduate Double-Counted Courses: 12 undergraduate/graduate quarter hours required, grade of C or better required.

Course Title Quarter Hours

Social Science Content Area (grades of C or better required for licensure):

The following Social Science content area requirements are required. These can be taken as part of the major, liberal studies or open elective requirements:

  • HST 298
  • HST 299
  • 3 United States History courses
  • 2 Non-United States History courses
  • 6 from the political science major
  • Additional licensure requirements: (one course in each area required)
    • Economics (ECO 106 recommended)
    • Geography (GEO 101 recommended)
    • Psychology (PSY 105 recommended)  
    • Sociology (SOC 101 recommended)
    • Anthropology (ANT 102 recommended)

This combined degree program of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences and the College of Education was collaboratively developed, and is governed and taught by faculty from these units.

The Master’s year comprises teacher-preparation coursework that culminates with student teaching during Spring quarter. Upon graduation and the fulfilling of State of Illinois licensure requirements (which may require some additional course work in the student’s major and related fields), students are eligible to be licensed to teach Social Sciences at the 5th-12th grade levels.  

 A full description of the TEACH Program can be found here.    Students interested in the TEACH Program should consult with the designated TEACH Program advisor in their home department.

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