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​Please note that a message of “No results were found for the selected search criteria” may indicate that the course is not offered in the selected term or has not yet been scheduled. A complete list of Political Science courses and their descriptions can be found in the DePaul University Catalog.

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Quality of instruction is a primary concern in the department. Courses are generally taught in a lecture-discussion format which encourages student participation. Political science courses are designed to help students develop their critical thinking, research, and communication skills. Students who take political science courses should develop a broad conception of the political and a deeper understanding of democracy, social justice, power relationships, and ideas that motivate and shape political action.

A student may incorporate an internship or senior thesis into his/her program of study. Each year, the department offers an intensive Honors Seminar for outstanding political science majors. A variety of internship opportunities with elected officials, public interest groups, or administrative agencies enable the political science major to earn credit toward a degree while participating in the real world of politics. Other special topics courses and independent study courses are regularly offered by the department. We strongly encourage our majors to participate in the college's Study Abroad Program which offers a student an opportunity for international travel while simultaneously fulfilling degree requirements.​