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Frequently Asked Questions

MPH Degree

How long will it take to complete the MPH degree at DePaul?

Students who choose to enroll full-time will complete the program in two years. Students may also enroll part-time and complete the program in either three or four years.

When and where are courses typically held?

T​he DePaul MPH courses are held at the Loop Campus. Courses are taught in the evening, from 6:00-9:15 pm.​​

Can I take courses on a part-time basis?

Yes, completing the program in 3 or 4 years is considered part-time; completing the program in 2 years is considered full time.

Can I complete the MPH degree online?

No, all courses include in-person instruction; some courses are available via a hybrid format.

How many students are accepted annually into the DePaul MPH Program?

While the MPH program receives more than​ 100 applications each year, our cohort is generally between 20-25 students per academic year.

Is the MPH Program accredited?

Yes, the MPH program has been accredited since 2008 by the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH).

What is unique about the DePaul MPH program?

The DePaul MPH program is well suited for working professionals, with all in-person class meetings taking place in the evening.  Emphasizing student-centered, in-person instruction, the student-to-faculty ratio for the program is 8-to-1.  As a cohort-based program with small class sizes, students receive personalized attention, mentoring, and advising from dedicated faculty and staff.  Through the practicum, students gain nine months of applied public health experience.

What types of careers are available for someone with an MPH degree?

Check out the most in-demand public health jobs here:​. 

Financial/Tuition Information

What is the MPH tuition cost?

For the 2017-2018​ academic year, graduate tuition for the College of Liberal Arts and Social Science is $685 per credit hour.  The DePaul MPH program requires students to complete 56 credits hours.  Full-time students take two classes per quarter, and classes are four credits each. 

Are any scholarships available?

The MPH program offers a limited number of graduate assistantship positions, which include a stipend and tuition waiver.​​

Credit Transfers

Can I transfer any credits toward the MPH degree?

No, the MPH Program does not accept transfer credit. All students are required to complete all DePaul MPH courses while enrolled in the program.

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