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Degree Requirements

Course Requirements 

All candidates for the MSW degree enrolled in the 2-year or the 4-year program must complete 88 credit hours of course work, detailed below:

MSW 499 INDEPENDENT STUDY is also available as an elective or substitution for some courses.

​Notice for Graduates of CSWE-Accredited Baccalaureate Programs

Every candidate for the MSW degree has to demonstrate competencies in the professional foundation of social work.  Graduates of CSWE-accredited baccalaureate programs have the opportunity to apply for advanced standing admissions in which some (40 credit hours) of the required, foundation coursework can be waived if applicants received a grade of ‘B’ or better.  These courses are limited to the following:

  • MSW 411
  • MSW 412
  • MSW 481
  • MSW 482
  • MSW 483
  • MSW 491
  • MSW 492
  • MSW 493
  • MSW 421 (Introduction to Social Work Research)
  • MSW 431 (Social Welfare Policy I) 

Students who qualify for the advanced standing option must complete, as part of their degree requirements,

Applicants are assessed at the time of admission. Students who do not qualify for advanced standing consideration may nonetheless be eligible for individual course waivers for MSW 411, MSW 421, and MSW 431. The waivers will not count as graduate credits earned and all advanced standing students granted course waivers status must meet all other requirements of the program, including a minimum of 52 earned graduate credit hours (MSW 484, MSW 494 and the remaining courses in the course requirements list above) for degree completion.

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