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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost per credit hour for the MSW program?

The cost per credit hour is the rate charged by the University’s College of Liberal Arts & Social Sciences for graduate tuition. That rate changes from year to year; for additional information visit the Admission and Aid website.​

How many credit hours do I need to complete an MSW degree at DePaul University?

DePaul University operates on the quarter system and the MSW degree requires 88 hours of course work for graduation.  The 88 credit hours include 24 hours of internship credit for the two required, academic-year long field placements.

The MSW program has had two enrollment options; the full-time program is designed to be completed in two years of academic study with students required to complete an average of four classes (16 credit hours) per quarter. In the part-time, three-year and four-year options, students complete an average of two to three classes (8-12 credit hours) per academic quarter.  Part-time students begin their internships in year two while full-time students complete their internships with their academic course work. ​​

How much time is involved in field placements? Can I choose my own agency and work at my own schedule?

The DePaul MSW program requires students to complete two academic-year long placements at social service agencies. Each year in placement, students are expected to inern at their agencies from two to two and a half days each week for the entire academic (September thru June) year. While students cannot arrange their own placements, they can indicate their geographic (and other) preferences as well as any scheduling concerns during their pre-placement process. Students are charged with negotiating their schedules with their agency-based supervisors, keeping in mind that it is in their best interests to spend as much continuous time as possible in their internships.​

Internships are daytime Monday through Friday. Occasionally an internship offers the opportunity for some evening and weekend hours, but students can expect that most internship hours must be completed during the traditional Monday through Friday work week.

Do all MSW Program courses take place on the Loop campus?

Presently all of the required MSW courses are offered exclusively on the Loop campus which is conveniently located on the Jackson Red Line stop and is served by several major bus routes as well.​

Are all MSW courses given at night and on weekends?

In the part-time program, most of the courses have weekday evening sections available. In the full-time program, selected classes may be held on weekday afternoons. Internships are offered during the day Monday through Friday. Internship sites may request that students be available for some evening and weekend hours but the majority of internship hours will be during the day Monday through Friday.

Does the MSW program offer school social work as an option?

No, the DePaul University MSW program does not currently offer school social work as a concentration or certification. Students who are interested in ‘Type 73’ certification should contact the DePaul University College of Education’s Human Services and Counseling office at 773.325.7740.​

Does the MSW program have a clinical social work focus?

All graduate programs in social work are required to offer content on direct practice. Most of the content on professional work or directly with individuals comes during the first part of the curriculum. The second part of the curriculum, commonly called the ‘concentration’ in graduate programs in social work emphasizes professional work within the context of community, and this emphasis includes agency administration, fund development, program evaluation, and other skills central to guiding and directing community-based agencies and organizations serving individuals, families, and neighborhoods. The program also has an additional concentration in Forensic Social Work beginning Fall 2018, with a focus on the intersection of social work practice and the legal system.

Are GRE scores a requirement for admission?

The DePaul University MSW program does not currently require the GRE for admissions.​

Are TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) scores a requirement for admission?

All applicants whose native language is not English must certify their proficiency in the English language by scoring at least a 590 on the TOEFL or 243 on the computer-based test.

Does the MSW Program grant course credit for life experience?

The MSW Program at DePaul does not grant course credit for life or work experience.

Is financial aid available?

Fiancial Aid information specific to the MSW Program is collected in the Student Resources section of this site:

For more information, please contact the MSW program:
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